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korean high quality Hand cream with snail extract soothes irritated skin, nourishes rough skin, improves the condition of dehydrated, flaky and fading skin. Snail mucin contains a rich complex of amino acids beneficial for the skin, vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, elastin, chitosan, glycolic acid and protease enzyme. Stabilization of the hydrolipidic balance of the skin is due to the addition of this particular ingredient to the composition. It is responsible for deep hydration of the upper layer of the epidermis, relieves stress and soothes it.

The cream will give the skin smoothness and softness, create a protective barrier on the surface of the skin, it is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky film. The cream also contains extracts of aloe, Chinese camellia, grapefruit.



    • Snail mucin is a storehouse of vitamins, microelements and unique substances that have a powerful positive effect on the skin. It deeply moisturizes the skin, restores damaged areas, fights signs of age-related changes. A distinctive feature of snail mucin is that it has an almost instant effect. Visible improvements become noticeable after just a few applications, and with regular application of products containing the component to the skin, the skin is transformed.
    • Aloe extract has moisturizing, healing and bactericidal properties, has a calming effect on irritated skin.
    • Camellia extract contains a huge amount of biologically active substances: polyphenols, tannin, vitamins A, E, C, group B, Q10. It is a plant antioxidant that helps maintain youthfulness and beauty of the skin, improves skin color and slows down the aging process.
    • Grapefruit extract is an antioxidant that reduces irritation and brightness of pigmentation, protects collagen and elastin fibers.

    Suitable for any skin type.

    How to use: Apply the required amount of cream on pre-cleansed skin of the hands, evenly
    distribute and massage thoroughly until completely absorbed. You can use the cream from the FarmStay brand several times a day as needed.


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